Le général Ordener : commandant des grenadiers à cheval de la Garde et premier écuyer de l'impératrice Enlarge image

General Ordener: commander of the Guard's mounted grenadiers and first squire of the Empress

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Biography of General Michel Ordener.

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Author Henri Lot and Olivier Lapray
ISBN 978-1695629646
Date of publication October 2019
Format 150 x 227 mm
Pagination 246 pages
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Reissue of the biography of this Lorraine general, taken from a book printed in 300 copies in 1910. Michel Ordener enlisted in 1773 in the cavalry, at the age of 18. The new principles of the Revolution allowed him to become an officer and his brilliant record of service to become commander of the 10th Regiment of Chasseurs à Cheval at the age of forty-one. He was then noted for his bravery by General Bonaparte during the Italian campaign of 1796-1797. Having become First Consul, he entrusted him with the command of the mounted grenadiers of his guard who was organized. With the rigor, the requirement and the benevolence that had been his to the 10th hunters on horseback, General Ordener will forge the beautiful reputation of solidity, value and discipline of this elite unit. An upright and loyal man, he was appointed by Bonaparte to command the troops sent to Germany to arrest the Duke of Enghien in March 1804. Ordener carried out this mission of trust with tact and efficiency, having the Duke arrested by the gendarmes under the protection of a detachment of dragoons and brought him back to Strasbourg. The following year, General Ordener took part in the campaign against Austria with the cavalry of the Imperial Guard. He charged brilliantly at the Battle of Austerlitz and completely defeated the Tsar's Knights-Guards with his mounted grenadiers, thus contributing greatly to the success of the day. Back in Paris, Napoleon enthrested his services as the Empress's first squire. Once again recognized for his loyalty to his sovereigns, he served for four years with Josephine and reunited with his friend Prince Eugene who was also his deputy in the cavalry of the Guard.After the imperial divorce, General Ordener was appointed governor of the castle of Compiègne where he died suddenly in 1811, three days before his 56th birthday.

Demonstrating a brilliant bravery, a thorough knowledge of the profession and a real intelligence of situations, Michel Ordener is still today the embodiment of VALUE and DISCIPLINE... two words that appeared in golden letters on the standard of the mounted grenadiers of the Guard that he commanded.