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Synopsis of Frederick II's Wars: Napoleon's Comments on the Seven Years' War

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Napoleon's comments on the Seven Years' War dictated on St. Helena.

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Author Napoléon Bonaparte
ISBN 978-1720026914
Date of publication September 2018
Format 150 x 227 mm
Pagination 140 pages
Shaping Paperback, matte cover
Weight 248 g
Tongue French
Editor Self-publishing

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Reissue in a separate print, annotated and repaginated of Napoleon's comments on the Seven Years' War dictated on St. Helena, the last publication of which dates from the Second Empire. After a short historical introduction, this Précis of the Wars of Frederick II takes up the comments that Napoleon dictated during his exile on the island of St. Helena. He tackled each of the campaigns from 1756 to 1762, accompanied by thirty tactical and strategic observations. The book concludes with Napoleon's more general considerations of the Seven Years' War. Established by the Emperor in the light of his own political and military experience, this analysis is of great interest since these comments are among the few writings, under his dictation, of his own military conceptions. In this respect, the Précis is a masterpiece of Napoleonic strategy.